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This site is dedicated to a story 50 years in the making.  It was the fall of 1962 and pulp fiction novelist Dan J. Marlowe who had achieved a measure of success with his novel about a bank robber, The Name of the Game is Death, heard a knock at his door.

Dan answered the summons only to find two FBI agents standing before him.  They wanted to know about his relationship with fugitive Albert F. Nussbaum who had recently been arrested for bank robbery after being elevated to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.  Dan informed them he didn’t know the man.

They showed him a copy of Nussbaum’s “Wanted” poster.  Dan insisted he had never met the man.  The agents pressed on and Dan was feeling the heat.  He didn’t know this man; he had never met him.  But the agents insisted he did.  Al Nussbaum had called Dan from Philadelphia.  They knew the two had been talking.  Nussbaum was a suspected bank robber and Dan’s book was about a bank robber.  This was too much of coincidence.

Suddenly the light dawned.  Dan had received a call from someone in Philadelphia recently.  But not from Albert Nussbaum the bank robber.  The call was from Carl Fischer, an aspiring writer and fan of Dan Marlowe.  Lucky for Dan, “Carl” had written Dan a letter and Dan still had it.  He presented it to the agents who were now convinced he was telling the truth.

Despite putting Dan in the hot seat, that initial phone call sparked a life-long friendship and collaboration between the novelist and the bank robber.  Dan mentored Al who did become a published author.  And Al fed Dan ideas, vetted the details in his stories, and helped Dan recover from a mysterious illness.

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring an anthology of the short stories by Albert F. Nussbaum to print.  Al has been described as many things.  He was a locksmith, a pilot, a gun expert, a bank robber, and a writer.  Al was also my father.

In addition to Al’s stories, this project will contain facts from official records, rumors about Al’s exploits and family legend.  A sample of Al’s work, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy, can be found here.

You feedback on this project is welcome.  Please feel free to leave a comment or simply vote yeah or nay.  Registering will give you a chance at a monthly drawing for a book by Al’s friends, colleagues or contemporaries.

Also, please visit Kickstarter where, through your support, you will be rewarded.  And be sure to check out our ever-evolving list of things and people we are searching for.


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